A Guideline To Create The Perfect Jersey

At Riderz Ready it is our goal to provide you with as much information and guidance as possible to insure that your custom jersey experience is fun and rewarding.  To do so we have created this guide to assist you.  During the process if you ever have any questions/comments please contact us at info@riderzready.com or 480.219.5706.

Although there are design guidelines that we typically follow there are few rights or wrongs in creating jersey designs. It all comes down to personal preference.

1. Predesign: Before starting the design process there are several things to consider including:

a. Goal of the jersey – There are several typical goals of a jersey.  You want to insure the design meets your goals. Typical goals for a jersey include highlighting team sponsors, highlighting team name, to get noticed at the track or just a fun jersey.

b. Weather – The color of a jersey can dramatically have an effect of riders comfort especially during the summer. At Riderz Ready we use the highest quality moisture wicking fabric and include mesh side panels in all our jerseys to assist in keeping riders comfortable.  Plain and simple fact the darker the jersey the more heat it tends to hold.

c. Matching Plates and/or T-shirts: If you are considering matching number plates and t-shirts lets us know upfront as not all jersey designs cross over to t-shirts or plates. By knowing early on in the design process we can insure a design that will carry over.  Riderz Ready has the largest selection of products available to the BMX community.

2. General Design Concept – There are many styles of jerseys styles to choose from ranging from the classic jersey design such as SE Racing Factory team to the very busy Fly Racing styled jersey. You can search through our gallery or use Google for design ideas. When searching for jersey ideas it is always fun to Google jerseys used in other sports to give you a unique perspective.  By providing our design team a general reference of jersey style and colors we are better able to serve your needs.

3. Single Point of Contact: If possible we prefer to communicate directly with one person who is responsible for the jersey. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes to create your jerseys and helps eliminate mistakes created by conflicting communications.

4. Colors: Let us know what you would like to see as your primary and secondary colors. Jerseys are changing and today you are seeing a lot more white and bright colors than past years. Please note that colors you see on your monitor may not be the same color typically printed. Most home monitors are not calibrated thus colors can appear differently. The best example of this is green. The standard RGB value for green is 0, 255, 0. This color on a typical home monitor will appear to be a bright green almost “neon” in appearance versus the true green it would print.

5. Fonts: There are literally 1000’s of fonts to choose from for things such as name and numbers. There are sites such as www.dafont.com, www.1001freefonts.com, www.urbanfonts.com to name a few. When selecting a font there are several things to keep in mind. Some fonts do not have numbers. This may be an issue if you want your name and number to share the same look. Some fonts have unique letter/spacing combinations that may make a name look incorrect. Most font sites allow you to type in a name and see how it appears.

6. Sponsors:  Remember sponsor logos can be no larger than 50% of your team logo.  For teams wanting to have local sponsors on their jerseys this can be the most challenging part in creating a jersey. To create the perfect jersey we need artwork in the correct format. Many times local companies are unsure where their original art work came from and will tell you, “just copy it from our website”. This will NOT work in creating jerseys as those files are very low resolution and will print a blurry mess.   Most logos are created in programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Photoshop. File types that are suitable for printing include filenames ending with .ai, .eps, .cdr, .psd, and .pdf. Files that typically cannot be used include .jpg, .bmp, .png.   If you are unable to get your sponsors logos in the correct format give us what you have and we will attempt to convert them to the correct format case by case.  

7. Matching Pants: If you are trying to match a specific pair of pants please let us know early in the process. The process used in creating you jerseys called dye sublimation typically allows us to get close to your pants colors. Please realize that the material used in creating custom apparel effects colors as well. This is why you will see several shades of the same color on your pants.  The process used to create sports apparel is called dye sublimation.  This process vaporizes the ink into the material.  The same color ink will appear different depending on the material it is vaporized into. 

8. Design Input: We appreciate your input in how we can make the perfect jersey for you. Once you start receiving proofs please let us know how we can make it just right for you. We prefer any design changes sent to us via email so the designers have the information directly from you.

9. Outside Designers: If you will be submitting artwork from a designer please contact us for the correct jersey template., color format, etc.  If a designer has any questions please have them contact us directly.

10. Names and Numbers: Riderz Ready never charges extra for names and numbers.

11. Placing your order: Simply send us an email with rider’s names/number and sizing and we will create a final proof for your review. Please provide the information exactly how you want to see it on your jersey. Example’s, only include quotation marks around such things as nicknames if you in fact want quotations to appear on your jersey. If you would like a zero to appear in front of a single digit number please indicate with your order.

12. Final Proof: IMPORTANT please review final proof carefully for spelling, sizing and logo placement. You are the last line prior to production. We suggest having a couple people to review to insure accuracy. The files you approve are used in printing your jersey.

13. Time:  Riderz Ready pride ourselves in having the quickest turnaround time in the industry. It is our goal to ship every jersey within two weeks of receiving your final approval and deposit. If you need a jersey for a specific event please let us know early in the process. Although we do not charge additional for rush orders we need to insure we have the resources available to meet your date.

14. Shipping: We use USPS Priority mail which we have found to be the most reliable, cost effective and timely shipping method. Priority Mail is typically 2-3 days.

15. Enjoy your jersey!   Riderz Ready is proud to wave the MADE IN THE USA banner!  Although it is common practice for jersey resellers to broker the actual manufacturing of the jersey to outside vendors we at Riderz Ready make everything we sell in our Arizona facility to insure the widest range of products, highest quality and the most competitive prices in the BMX industry.  We use the highest quality fabric available and include side panel mesh to insure the highest level of comfortable on those hot summer days.  . They are easy to wash and dry in minutes. For those that have traveled to an event and only have one jersey – wash it in the sink, hang it up and literally in less than an hour you are ready to ride in a fresh clean jersey!

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